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Welcome to Cathedral of Judah!   

We are elated that you have chosen to visit our website; Cathedral of Judah, City of Refuge for all People that has served the Richmond and Hanover area for over eight years. Our church, Cathedral of Judah is an  Interdenominational Ministry, joined in purpose with City of Refuge for all People.  Together the Mission of this church is simple, it remains to be a House that is open to all people, with a focus around discipleship and reaching a nation to convey the Love of Christ. 

Thank you for your interest, support, and prayers. We are a family of believers that builds the individual through love and support. We have committed ourselves to many things that will help build God’s people and help you become all that God has ordained for you to be. You are welcome to listen to our archived services and learn more about the COR.  There is a place for you. We look forward to seeing you soon!
 Sunday Morning Celebration
9:00 am 

Tuesday Night "Power in the word"
7:00 pm

Cathedral of Judah 
City of Refuge for All People 
821 Edgehill Road
Richmond VA, 23222

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